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Fuse manufacturer and Solution advisor,the company strives to become a manufacturer of circuit protection components and solutions advisor.Betterfuse is your ideal partner in 3C industry —— Consumer electronics, Computer and Communication, for providing you with reliable products, solutions, and services. Since its inception on August 26, 2003, the company has been able to provide customers with excellent and competitive products and solutions by virtue of its decades of industry experience and advanced facilities and technology.

The organization's goal is to satisfy customers in product quality, delivery, price, and so on. We know what customers need, and strive to deliver quality products flexibly and timely. We can give fast and flexible response to customers'demand.

We have full capability to solve what you encounter in the operation, and all of the staff is dedicated to their responsibility in order to provide excellent and satisfactory products to customers. Our well-organized corporate structure ensures that all of your inquiries and order are going to be attended within the shortest time.

As a challenger into the industry, you are going to receive special concerns on all of your inquiries. Our company is doing everything to help you with your success.

Expert and Client Testimony:

As a young manufacturing enterprise , your team can actively take part in the standardization of fuse committee meetings , May 11, 2007 you provided thoughtful and comprehensive support for the work of organized business on standard for our country in the planning and construction committee meetings, we thought this is particularly valuable. At the same time, actively promote and take part in a  fuse's drafting of national standards, and also took an active part in various international standardization activities. Your company's  experts both Mr. Sun Kaiyao Mr. Gao Jack participate as our committee members already submitted a lot of professional advice and recommendations. we hope your teams can carry forward the spirit of professionalism and technology to keep good cooperation with us and continue to make new contributions to Standardization for fuse industry.

Congratulations to you guys for having made so great achievements in manufacturing and developing of fuses in so short a period. Hope you to inherit the spirit of the former Wickmann colleagues in technology innovation, and to be sensitive and pro-active in development and improvement, and protective like fuses for the sake of the safety of humans and properties. I am pleased to see that you are on the correct way from better to the best, keep going on!


your company is one of the first-rank supplier of China for my this vendor audit,I am satisfied by your professional and your core technology, we hope we can have more cooperate in the future.

Glad to find Betterfuse a young and high potential company. Wishing you great success in 2010!